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Published by Black Square Web Solutions

Spend less, earn more customer loyalty.

The obvious answer to why you should be online is 'because everybody is'. Just as with traditional marketing, you can't afford not to be visible in places where your competition is visible. This doesn't mean, though, that just because your competition is tweeting 50 times a day and Pinning their entire back catalogue you should do the same. Plan your online strategy wisely and not only will you be more visible than your competition, you'll get the lion's share of customer engagement. And this is the real reason why your business should be online: because that's where your customers are.

Worldwide, more and more people gain easy, inexpensive access to the internet every day. In South Africa, a very high percentage of the population is accessing the internet, and particularly Facebook. South African business technology researchers World Wide Worx have observed a pattern in digital uptake, and predict fast growth in user engagement over the next few years. What does this mean for your business? Well, not only are your customers online, they’re active in the online space. They aren’t just reading, they’re commenting, ‘liking’, sharing and actively engaging with brands on various social media. They’re also shopping online, looking for product comparisons and finding services.

In the busy online world, a well-planned strategy will allow you to engage with your customers, respond quickly to their needs, and build a loyal customer base. All at a fraction of the cost of a traditional print and media campaign.

Top tips for your online strategy
  1. How can you help your customer? Create content that is useful and meaningful to your customer.

  2. Don’t overdo it. Regular, well-crafted content updates are far more valuable than frequent meaningless product punts.

  3. Pay attention. Track mentions of your brand online and keep up with comments, retweets and shares. Thank your customers for positive mentions, and respond quickly to complaints or queries.

Need help with your online strategy? Contact us to plan a comprehensive, supported online strategy.

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